Some Music that Sucks

Just a snapshot here, but here are some bands that I hate: 

Pink Floyd - Syd Barret.  Bloated is the best way I can describe this band.  They seem bored by their own music- it bores me too.  

Dave Matthews Band: rock n' roll for pussies.  I remember girls in high school who liked this band also liked N'Sync and Backstreet Boys.  

Godsmack: If vomit had a sound it is this group of untalented Alice in Chains wannabes.

Disturbed, Saliva, Hinder: I hate faux rock n' roll like this.  If you like one of these bands you're most likely an idiot.

Jack Johnson: Yawn. zzzzz.  Makes me yearn for sleep.  

The Rolling Stones: okay I liked them- like 25 years ago, but they are merely caricatures of themselves now.  Old bands don't have to make stale music, but they insist. 

bobby and tobacky

Music really is nice, particularly these songs:

Donovan with Joan Baez- Catch the Wind

Bob FREAKING Dylan- Ballad of Hollis Brown

The Corries- I Will Go

Pete Coe- Kings and Queens of England

Tom Lehrer- Under The Scotsman's Kilt

Those are on my mind today. I don't know if the download links still work, but they probably do. Listen and tell me I have horrible taste in music.


The Shaggs

The Shaggs album 'Philosophy of the world' is a very odd record. I have heard it described as the least pretentious music ever recorded, amazingly inventive, highly original, and not influenced by other contemporary artists. On the other hand I have heard it described as 'shit'.

The shaggs are certainly different to many other bands. Im not sure how much of this is down to their insight and creativity, as opposed to their lack of skill as musicians. Does this even matter? It is true that much of the playing (on all three instruments) seems very rudimentary, with many apparent mistakes, people getting out of time/ hitting the wrong string etc. But can this be accepted as a style of playing, which is just as valid as any other, more proficient, bands/artists? 

At first when I listened I thought something like "Wow, they are terrible", but as I listened more I actually started to enjoy it. I think I had an idea about what music should be like - which initially made me dismiss them. 

Somehow it works!

This is my opinion.

I suppose what I want to know from you is your opinion on the music of the shaggs.

If you don't know any of their music you can go here: for a selection of some of the most popular ones (I like 'That little sports car' myself)

Do you think they are a joke, the only thing going for them being some sort of novelty 'so bad it's good' sort of thing? Or do you think they have anything going for them? Do they deserve credit? And do you actually like any of the songs!?
bobby and tobacky

Pretend Picnic #1

A little over a week ago, I played (guitar, Jew's harp, and harmonica) in an impromptu folk jam session, in a traditional Mongolian yurt, in Scotland. I'm almost completely convinced that there is something to be said about that experience, but I am not entirely sure how to say it. The yurt was packed with around 15 folk musicians with guitars, banjos, bouzoukis, harmonicas, accordians, fiddles, etc. It was around 4AM and consequently our song repertoire was quite random-- we played Carter Family songs, then Johnny Cash and Woody Guthrie, followed by Bob Dylan, and a bunch of traditional ballads. There was so much incense burning and the atmosphere inside the yurt was so thick with smoke that you could hardly see the chords that you needed to play, but the acoustics were suprisingly good. There was a ~12 year old boy there who could play 'Johnny B. Good' in B and he sounded just like Chuck Berry except he had a Scottish accent.

I hope I haven't set some sort of horrible precedent for these pretend picnics that we were promised upon joining this community. I'm sorry.

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I have a very provisional list of music. If anyone (I suppose that is currently just me) has any problems with my shit choices (madness are in there!), or would like to add something, let me know and it shall be done.

If you are reading this PLEASE JOIN, it will be ever so much fun. We can have pretend picnics or something.