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A community based around the liking of good music

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Some Music that Sucks [May. 20th, 2007|08:53 pm]
A community based around the liking of good music

Just a snapshot here, but here are some bands that I hate: 

Pink Floyd - Syd Barret.  Bloated is the best way I can describe this band.  They seem bored by their own music- it bores me too.  

Dave Matthews Band: rock n' roll for pussies.  I remember girls in high school who liked this band also liked N'Sync and Backstreet Boys.  

Godsmack: If vomit had a sound it is this group of untalented Alice in Chains wannabes.

Disturbed, Saliva, Hinder: I hate faux rock n' roll like this.  If you like one of these bands you're most likely an idiot.

Jack Johnson: Yawn. zzzzz.  Makes me yearn for sleep.  

The Rolling Stones: okay I liked them- like 25 years ago, but they are merely caricatures of themselves now.  Old bands don't have to make stale music, but they insist. 


[User Picture]From: paramorefannz
2010-05-27 07:20 am (UTC)
you forgot to say cradle of filth they are the most crappy band ever but some of the bands you have said (hinda,disturbed) are good bands but they are nothing against bands such as paramore,my chemical romance,green day,rolo tomassi,linkin park and rise against
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